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Partial List of Companies

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

We have observed that Garcia and his co-conspirators rapidly form and discard company names.  We believe they does this in order to mask their activities.  The following is a partial list of company names that we have seen Garcia using or we believe he is using:

Fifth Third Real Estate
Wells Fargo Real Estate
Chicago Acquisition Brokers, LLC
Invest for the Future
Real Estate Liquidators
NWI Real Estate Brokers, LLC
Chicago Real Estate Leaders
NWII, LLC (stands for “Not Worth Investing In”)
Kerusso Konstruction Kompany, LLC
Kerusso Real Estate, LLC
Kerusso Properties, Inc.
Alpha & Omega Real Estate LLC
STEEMMM Real Estate, LLC
Kerusso Asset Management, LLC
REL Financial LLC
Rehab Lending Tree, LLC
Real Estate Express, LLC
Rental Solution Management, LLC
Investment Home Builders, LLC
Foreclosure Liquidators, LLC

If you know the name of any other company that Garcia or his co-conspirators are using, please contact the Committee to Obtain Justice for the Victims of Sergio Garcia, Inc. Executive Director Jonathan Petersen at (219) 803-4550 or