Our Goal: Justice for the Victims of Sergio Garcia

Sergio Garcia (aka Sergio Garcia, Sr. aka Serjio Garcia aka Serjio Ernesto Garcia) has defrauded millions of dollars from victims throughout Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland in what appears to be a decade long real estate and mortgage fraud conspiracy. Garcia lived in St. John, Indiana and has claimed to live in Highland, Indiana. Presently, Garcia lives in Chicago. He has or had offices in Highland, Griffith and Munster, Indiana but now moves around shared office spaces in downtown Chicago attempting to appear as a legitimate company. Although, Garcia falsely advertised that he is a broker, he has admitted under oath that he is not a licensed real estate agent. We have also observed that Garcia has created a number of “clutter” websites to distract search engines from producing results related to his fraudulent activities.

Between 2014 to 2016, Sergio Garcia II, the son of Sergio Garcia, appeared as the public face for his father. In 2016, we have seen that Sergio’s daughter Tomi (aka Tomasa) Johns and son-in-law Nathan Johns are the public face for Sergio Garcia. In either case, victims report that a mysterious “boss” (i.e. Sergio Sr.) continues to be involved behind the scenes.

This website is dedicated to exposing the criminal activities of Sergio Garcia and his co-conspirators and bringing them to justice.

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